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SUHide is an application that will allow you to hide the root status of your Android device, so that applications can not detect that it is 'rooted’. This is very useful with some games and apps that do not work on devices with root privileges. The developer Chainfire needs no introduction. Currently, SUHide is in a testing phase and it has certain limitations. As he says in XDA, he has no intention of supporting SUHide as part of his SuperSU application. It has been tested in few devices and it currently only supports devices with ARM and ARM64 processors.

Chainfire's SUHide doesn't come with a GUI. But developer Jason Maxfield developed a GUI version for this app. Thus you need no prior knowledge about the underlying code at all. This page is not managed by Chainfire nor Jason Maxfield. The content of this page should be used only as a guide. This installation guide provides instructions on how to install this application and configure it.

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Before You proceed.

There are few things you should be aware of before you do anything: Back up your data first! Also be aware that installation of an alternative recovery like TWRP brings benefits but also involves some risks.

  1. First of all make sure that you are using SuperSU in SBIN mode on Android Marshmallow or Nougat. Then download all SUHide files and move them in to your internal storage.

  2. Now boot into TWRP in your device. If you do not have TWRP follow this guide to install TWRP. The installation of TWRP can be easily done on your device without using a computer.

  3. Now turn off your device and leave it in that state for few seconds.

  4. After that turn it back by pressing Volume +, Volume- and On keys simultaneously. You have to hold these keys until you enter fastboot mode.

  5. Hit on Install button on menu to start flashing the configure file. Then you will see your device’s internal storage folder tree.

  6. Now head to the configure file that you’ve downloaded or copied and hit on it.

  7. After that, swipe the confirmation slider and it will start flashing the configure file.

  8. An installer will launch and you will have to select Systemless SBIN as your installation method. And for other options after that, hit on let supersu decide.

  9. Once it is flashed, head back to your SuperSU zip’s location and hit on it and flash it as exactly you’ve done before on previous steps.

  10. Now reboot into your device and then turn off and boot in to TWRP. Now hit on Install as before and head to your SUHide zip file and flash it as before but in SBIN mode. And now you are good to go and now you can use SUHide to hide your root access.

SUHide Lite Video Tutorial

Developer Credits

Sincere appreciation to everyone who worked alongside Chainfire and Jason Maxfield in developing this application, whether it be coding, testing, coming up with ideas or even just helping other people in the forums. If you have any other concern, feel free to get in contact with us and we'll do our best to address them in a timely manner. If you need a VPN to go along with Suhide, check out Web Tunnel. It allows you to browse the internet securely.